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Compact and Low-Profile Wound Type Chip Inductors
for Power Line(Magnetic Shielded)
FL Series

Low-Profile Wire Winding Chip Coils
FL Series

Energy Savings Power Consumption Reduced 25% Effective Use of Resources Thickness Reduced 65% Restricted Chemical Substances RoHS Compliant


Laptop PCs, flat-panel televisions
Audio-visual devices such as game consoles, white goods, industrial equipment, and more

As portable devices are made smaller and thinner, PoL power supply circuits that disperse power supply units for each circuit block are increasing. In response to this development, TDK developed these compact, low-profile, low-loss coils. In addition, the internal electrode wire connections use no solder, allowing for lead-free use.

Main Environmental Impact Reduction Effects

  1. DC resistance is lowered, cutting electricity consumption by approximately 25% compared to earlier TDK products.
  2. Height is approximately 35% lower than earlier TDK products.
  3. TDK developed an alternative technology to the high-melting-point solder that is exempt from RoHS application to create completely lead-free products.

(Posted September 5, 2008)

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