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Mid Voltage Type(Rated voltage: 2E to 2J)
Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
C Series(2012 to 4532 Size)

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors Mid Voltage Type

Energy Savings Manufacturing Energy Reduced 73% Effective Use of Resources Mounting Area Reduced 50% Effective Use of Resources Materials Used Reduced 45%
Restricted Chemical Substances RoHS Compliant        


DSC strobe circuits, liquid crystal television inverter circuits, automotive HID ballast circuits

By using high-performance dielectric materials recently developed by TDK, a compact, high-capacitance medium-voltage multilayer ceramic chip capacitor with greatly improved bias characteristics and electrostrictive characteristics was created. X5R and X7T temperature characteristics are available in sizes ranging from 2012 to 4532.

Main Environmental Impact Reduction Effects

  1. High capacitance means the volume of materials used can be reduced by 45% compared to earlier TDK products with the same capacitance.
  2. By raising productivity and the efficiency of manufacturing equipment, manufacturing energy was slashed by up to 73%.
  3. Higher capacitance resulted in a 50% reduction of mounting area, contributing to the miniaturization of customer sets and reduced solder use.

(Posted December 25, 2009)

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