Notes on using circulator and isolator (Connected to the 50Ω line)
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A. We recommend that you connect to the 50Ω line, when you use. If the terminal form is SMD and strip line, when the measured jig's substrate and the actual substrate are different, there are cases where it is not a 50Ω line.
Since it actually depends on the material and the thickness of the substrate to be used, the recommended patterns that we usually prepare are just reference information. In the actual device or environment that conforms to it, you need to make sure that the measurements obtained are same as the measured values of our company.
Also, in module products, attention is required when aerial wiring is done between the isolator's strip line terminal and other parts in the module because of the shape constraints of the terminal. Furthermore, if the width of the terminal and the width of the 50Ω line on the printed circuit board are different, it is necessary to devise some kind of a correction circuit on a printed circuit board.