What are the different kinds of circulator and isolator?
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A. Circulators are roughly classified into lumped constant and distributed constant types. Distributed constant type is further classified into waveguide type, strip line Y-junction type and substrate type. Moreover, there are cases where the strip line Y-junction type is referred to as a distributed constant type. Each of the features and uses are shown in Table.

Classification Characteristics Primary uses
Distributed constant type Waveguide type Low loss
Large power handling design is possible
Somewhat large in shape
Microwave link
Marine radar
Mainly used in 3GHz or more
Strip line Y-junction type Small compared to waveguide type
Easy broadband design
Microwave link
Broadcast equipment, mobile communications based on other stations
Mainly used in the UHF band or more
Substrate type Conform to the planar circuit
Small power handling capability
Microwave link
Mainly used in 1.5GHz or more
Lumped constant type Small size, light weight
Easy broadband design
Broadcast equipment, mobile communications based on other stations
Mobile phone terminal
Mainly used in the VHF, UHF band or more

Table Characteristics and applications of all kinds of circulators and isolators