Open Mode and the“1210 Rule” (4): Why is Open Mode of MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) not offered in case sizes smaller than 0805 (C2012)?
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A. Physics begin to work in the user's favor as the size of the ceramic component is reduced. Just as it is more difficult to break a small brick as opposed to a large brick, smaller MLCCs offer strength robustness that no longer warrants the Open Mode design. As an example, typical board flexure strength as a function of case size is shown below (Figure 1 & Figure 2). Smaller geometries increase the strength of the MLCC well beyond the 2mm EIA-198 industry specification. Open Mode designs in these geometries are considered overkill.

Figure 1, Flex Strength vs Case Size

Figure 2, Flex Strength vs Thickness

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