Open Mode and the“1210 Rule” (6): How can I justify using a large size despite the "1210 Rule" of MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors)?
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A. The strength of brittle materials is often measured by Modulus of Rupture. The MOR of a ceramic body is function of its geometry - proportional to its width and thickness, but inversely proportional to its length. Thus longer MLCCs with the same thickness will result in lower bending strength, however this loss of strength can be offset by utilizing a thicker component.

1210 and larger components are offered in a variety of thicknesses, many greater than 2mm. Components of this size are often more robust to board flexure stresses than 1206 or 0805 sized components, and well exceed the 2mm bending requirement.

Not using these higher value components severely limits the designer engineer’s capacitor options - especially in the case of higher capacitance values for Tantalum replacement application.

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