TDK Products for Consumer Electronics

The IoT has been spreading to consumer electronics in recent years, adding various functions. TDK supports the development of cutting-edge consumer electronics.

  • PiezoHapt™ Actuators

    PiezoHapt™ actuators can generate a wide range of tactile sensations with very low operating voltage. These products can be used to freely change the amplitude using pulse control to achieve a variety of vibration patterns. In addition, PiezoHapt™ actuators are thinner than eccentric motors, which have traditionally been used to vibrate devices, and responds instantly, making them ideal for displays and switches in consumer electronics.

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  • Transformers for AC-DC Converters

    TDK leverages its strengths as the world's first manufacturer to commercialize ferrite in order to develop high-performance ferrite materials with the optimal performance for use in AC-DC converters. These converters are compatible with the flyback types and the LLC-resonant types. They are also suitable for automatic winding designs, which make it possible to provide stable supplies of high-quality products with less variation than earlier products.

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TDK Products for Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are equipped with AI to achieve a smart house. TDK can provide numerous products ideal for use in smart speakers.

  • MEMS Microphones

    TDK supplies the microphones needed for voice capture, which is becoming a key interface between humans and machines. TDK’s MEMS microphones employ proprietary CSMP (chip sized MEMS package) technology to achieve high performance.

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  • Chip Antennas

    TDK products are characterized by their compact size, high degree of placement freedom, and an extensive lineup of multi-band antennas.
    They are ideal for Bluetooth communications with smart speakers and home appliances, wireless LAN communications with routers, and more.

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TDK Products for TWS

Use scenarios are increasing with the realization of cordless technology, and various functions are being added. TDK contributes to advanced functionality by providing sensors, wireless power transfer, and other components.

  • IMU

    Inertial measurement units (IMU) are units that incorporate an acceleration sensor and gyroscope to detect the acceleration and angular velocity of a object. Six-axis IMUs with a three-axis acceleration sensor and three-axis gyroscope are ideal for the latest TWSs used for attitude detection.

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  • Wireless Power Transfer Unit

    By using magnetic materials technologies and process technologies, TDK's areas of specialization, these units achieve the industry’s highest levels in terms of thinness and lightness and boast high shock resistance and reliability.

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