A wide variety of TDK components that realize high-capacity and high-speed communication


A wide variety of TDK components that realize high-capacity and high-speed communication

Circuit design for high-capacity and high-speed communication is essential
with the spread of 5G communications, AI, cloud and edge computing.
TDK has an extensive lineup of high-performance components that support stable communications by servers and base stations.

Energy Saving

TDK provides high-density and high-efficiency power supplies and circuit components that contribute to energy saving.

Stable Communications

TDK offers high-frequency products and EMC components for achieving exceptional signal quality in high-capacity and high-speed communications.

Space Saving

TDK’s compact components and modules contribute to space savings on circuit boards.

For Power Supplies

For Processors

VLBU Series Power Inductors
  • Satisfies high efficiency requirements for VR13 and VR14 applications.
  • Supports high-speed fluctuation in processor load.

For Peripheral Circuits

μPOL™ FS14XX Series DC-DC Converters
  • 3D modules that mount ICs and power inductors in a horizontal row, achieving high power density in a compact size.
  • Makes it more flexible to design circuit boards while maintaining high performance.

For EMC Countermeasures

For Data Line Circuits

ALT Series Pulse Transformers and
MCZ Series Common Mode Filters/Chokes
  • Pulse transformers ensure stable characteristic quality by using automated winding and multilayer common mode filters are compact.
  • Surface mounting is possible, enabling flexible layouts in limited space of circuit boards.

For ESD and Surge Protection

For Data Line Circuits

B722*/B723* Series Leaded Disk Varistors
  • Long-term reliability that realizes decreased leakage current even when voltage is continuously applied to a circuit (105℃ / 1000 hours).
  • Wide range of products from 5mm to 25mm in size, from 11V to 1000V in Vrms.
  • Smaller dimensions compared to competitor products while maintaining the same surge protection level.

For Data Line and Power Supply Line Circuits

AVR Series and CTVS Series Chip Varistors
  • Satisfies immunity characteristics in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Achieves excellent surge suppression effects in a small package.
  • Can be used with no derating up to 125℃.
  • Approved under the UL 1449 standard.

For High Frequency Communications

For High-Frequency Circuits

MMC Series RF Components
  • Compact, low loss, and high-performance.

For High-Frequency Circuits

CU Series Isolators and Circulators
  • Compact size and low loss.