TDK supports the content of products
for a variety of industrial equipment.

TDK Products for Industrial Robots

The adoption of robots in factories is progressing to improve labor environments and ensure stable quality. TDK contributes to the creation of smart factories by proposing optimal products.

  • Flash storage

    TDK provides total support in industrial equipment fields with its industrial compact flash (CF) cards, industrial solid state drives (SSDs) and industrial SD cards. TDK integrates all processes from controller to SSD design and can provide complete support.

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  • AC Input Power Supplies

    TDK-Lambda brand AC input power supplies for the industrial equipment market. Configurations include units, circuit board types, power modules, on-board types, and DIN rail attachment types, and the extensive product lineup ranges from several watts to high-capacity models that can supply more than 2 kW. TDK can also supply “standard power supplies” suited for any need including compact and high-efficiency units and compliance with safety standards.

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TDK Products for Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Uninterruptible power supplies instantly provide power when a power outage occurs at a data center, hospital, plant, or other facility.

  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Screw Terminal Types

    A new series of screw terminal types that achieves both high ripple and miniaturization has been added, and an extensive lineup includes products with extremely high rated ripple current, long life spans, screw terminal types, and snap-in types. Rated voltages extend from 10 V to 600 V and rated capacitance extends from 39 µF to 68,000 µF.

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  • Disk Varistors with Lead Wires

    Disk varistors with lead wires are disk-shaped varistor elements that use lead wires as terminals. TDK has a wide lineup of products.

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TDK Products for Variable Frequency Drives

Use of drives in the industrial machinery market is steadily increasing in the pursuit of high efficiency. To achieve high efficiency, TDK supplies high capacitance, high reliability Alu Cap, Film Cap, and MAG products.

  • Power Capacitors (Film)

    These capacitors are available for various power electronics such as MKK DC/DCI (metallized plastic film, compact) PCC HP/LP (power capacitors, chip type, high/low power), and MKP (metallized polypropylene, low loss), and all have a self-healing function, that is, a function to recover the insulation stayed in a short time of just several microseconds even if insulation breakdown occurs due to overvoltage so that a short-circuit due to voltage breakdown does not occur.

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  • ModCap

    This capacitor can be installed close to an IGBT module and the lead wire length can be shortened resulting in a capacitor with extremely low self-inductance of 14 nH and preventing significant voltage overshooting in the IGBT module when the current is shut off. It is also compatible with next-generation SiC semiconductors.

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