Advanced vehicles
deserve reliable components.

  • Strong resistance to rapid temperature changes and mechanical impact

    • Soft Termination Passive Components
    • Capacitors
    • Inductors
    • Chip Beads

    In automotive applications, high reliability electronic components that have the durability required for mechanical strength and are able to withstand rapid changes in temperature are required more than ever. To meet such needs, TDK offers products that use resin electrodes(soft termination) to improve the connection reliability of capacitors, inductors, and chip beads. Products with resin electrodes absorb both board flexure stress and stress from the expansion and contraction of solder joints due to thermal shock, thereby improving connection reliability over products with conventional electrodes.

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  • Supporting advanced ECUs for xEVs and autonomous driving

    • High-frequency power inductors for automobiles
    • HPL Series
    • TFM Series
    • BCL Series

    TDK power inductors are the best choice for ECUs operating at high frequencies in advanced vehicles such as xEVs and ADAS. The HPL series is suitable for the high current / low inductance requirements of high power ECUs such as for ADAS image processing. The TFM series covers the medium range and offers ideal lineups for the primary and secondary sides of ECUs in ADAS. The BCL series can accommodate high inductance values and is suitable for low power ECUs such as sensors and body applications.

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  • Sensing the critical temperature reliably in a severe temperature environment

    • NTC thermistors
    • NTCG Series

    NTC thermistors are used for temperature measurement and compensation in every field of electronics applications. In automotive applications, they are mainly used as temperature sensors (for intake, exhaust, cooling water and lubricating oil) and their importance has increased with the spread of electric vehicles. TDK's NTCG series are automotive grade chip NTC thermistors that can be used in severe temperature environments from -40 ° C to 125 °C / 150 °C. They can detect critical temperatures reliably in the drive systems of electric vehicles as well as anomalies in electronic circuits.

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