TDK supports the contents of products ranging
from photovoltaic power generation and xEV to smart meters.


TDK Products for Photovoltaic power generation

Many countries are encouraging the introduction of renewable energy to prevent global warming. Photovoltaic power generation in particular is the power source that is attracting the most attention. TDK is contributing to CO2 reductions with high-reliability and high-capacitance products.

  • ModCap

    This capacitor can be installed close to an IGBT module and the lead wire length can be shortened resulting in a capacitor with extremely low self-inductance of 14 nH and preventing significant voltage overshooting in the IGBT module when the current is shut off. It is also compatible with next-generation SiC semiconductors.

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  • PEC

    These capacitors are available for various power electronics such as MKK DC/DCI (metallized plastic film, compact) PCC HP/LP (power capacitors, chip type, high/low power), and MKP (metallized polypropylene, low loss), and all have a self-healing function, that is, a function to recover the insulation state in a short time of just several microseconds even if dielectric breakdown occurs due to overvoltage so that a short-circuit due to voltage breakdown does not occur.

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TDK Products for xEV

By adding on remote communications functions into meters, utilities can efficiently and correctly monitor gas, electricity, and water usage. Also users can effectively monitor their own usage and eliminate waste.

  • Alu cap

    A new series of screw terminal types that achieves both high ripple and miniaturization has been added, and an extensive lineup includes products with extremely high rated ripple current, long life spans, screw terminal types, and snap-in types. Rated voltages extend from 10 V to 600 V and rated capacitance extends from 39 µF to 68,000 µF.

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  • HVC

    Available with maximum operating voltage of 900 V DC and maximum continuous operating current of 500 A. In addition, the HVC series is used in DC rapid charging stands and battery systems as well as battery disconnect units (BDU).

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TDK Products for Smart Meter

By incorporating communications functions into meters, suppliers can obtain gas, electricity, and water use information. Users can also monitor their usage and eliminate waste.

  • Transformers for AC-DC Converters

    TDK leverages its strengths as the world's first manufacturer to commercialize ferrite in order to develop high-performance ferrite materials with the optimal performance for use in AC-DC converters. These converters are compatible with the flyback types and the LLC-resonant types. They are also suitable for automatic winding designs, which make it possible to provide stable supplies of high-quality products with less variation than earlier products.

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  • EDLC

    Water and gas smart meters use batteries as a power source, but with the improvement of wireless functions, power assistance is becoming necessary.
    Pouch type electric double-layer capacitors (EDLC/supercapacitors), which are effective for battery assist and are compact, are attracting attention.

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