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Linear Hall Sensors

Unrivaled power for automotive applications

Our universal linear Hall sensors flexibly support diverse applications and are especially suited for automobiles, where they offer highly temperature stable, accurate position detection of transmission gear, throttle valve, and pedal as well as steering wheel torque.

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Direct-Angle Sensors

Allow enhanced angle and linear measurement to support diverse functions in automobiles and industrial equipment

Real 3D magnetic-field measurement in the X, Y and Z axes ensures superior performance including up to 360-degree angular detection and accurate linear position detection. In vehicles, these sensors raise fuel efficiency while lowering CO2 and NOx emissions. In industrial equipment, they contribute to high-precision control.

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Barometric Pressure Sensors

High Accuracy, Low Power, Waterproof

Providing ultra-low noise at the lowest power and enabling industry leading relative accuracy, sensor throughput, and temperature stability, capable of measuring pressure differences with ±1 Pa accuracy.

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MEMS Microphones

Patented technology delivering high-performance and small size

Using CSMP (chip scale MEMS package) technology cultivated through Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) device development, we offer an extensive portfolio of compact, low-profile, high-performance MEMS analog and digital microphones for every application from music recording to speech recognition.

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