Cutting-edge technology
for your electronics designs
by TDK.

TDK is the world’s leading company that has been providing a new value for the electronics markets with high magnetics technology since 1935.

We have proposed a wide range of electronics solutions for IoT and communication device markets significantly evolving due to the combination of advanced technologies.

  • Haptics devices in the ICT sector

    • PiezoHapt™ Actuators
    • PowerHap™ Actuators
    • PiezoListen™ Piezo Speakers

    Haptics technology, which transmits information using vibrations, is suitable for communication devices like smartphones and notebook computers as well as applications such as industrial or automotive monitors and displays on home appliances.
    We will introduce some ways in which piezo elements can prove their usefulness in communication devices.

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  • Products for Mobile Routers

    • RF Filters
    • Chip Antennas
    • IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
    • Barometric Pressure Sensors
    • Noise Suppression Filters
    • Chip Varistors
    • MEMS Microphones
    • Common Mode Filters and Chokes
    • Power and RF Inductors.

    You can connect to the internet whenever and wherever you want thanks to mobile routers. TDK offers RF components including chip antennas providing flexibility in mounting position, and also magnetics components such as varistors having excellent durability against repeated surges for mobile routers.
    Check out how our technology can be utilized in the circuit of mobile routers with TDK application guides.

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  • Server Power Supply Circuit Products & Data Line Products

    • Inductors (Coils)
    • Sensors and Sensor Systems
    • Temperature Sensors (NTC)
    • Transformers
    • Voltage Protection Devices
    • Chip Beads
    • Chip NTC Thermistors (Sensor)
    • Chip Varistors / Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors
    • Pulse Transformers and Modules for LAN
    • µPOL™ Embedded DC-DC Converters

    The start of 5G in 2020, technologies by AI and digital transformation accelerated by Covid-19 pandemic extremely require many numbers of high-performance servers that can process large volumes of data.
    Learn about six TDK products addressing and solving the urgent issues caused by the increased performance of processors and various types of ICs.

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