Transmit information
using vibrations.

Piezo Actuators for haptic feedback​

Haptic devices are suitable also for ICT products like smartphones and notebook computers.​

What makes you use TDK’s Piezo Actuators?

  • 01

    Quick Rise & Fall time,
    Higher Resonance Frequency

    Rise and fall times as quick as milli seconds enabling sharp haptics feeling. The resonance frequency of TDK actuators is above 10 kHz while other actuators typically range from 30 to 1000 Hz.

  • 02

    Various Vibration Patterns

    With this product, you can create countless vibration patterns as amplitude can be freely changed by pulse control, which enables you to express the feel you want.

  • 03

    Smaller Size,
    Smaller Power Consumption

    TDK's products are as thin as 0.35mm and as small as 0904 size. With the right driver this piezo is the lowest power consumption solution.