PiezoListen™ Piezo Speakers
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
The new PiezoListen™ speaker from TDK produces sound over a broader frequency range and with a greater output in the low range than conventional piezoelectric speakers. Its realization was made possible by the development of a low-profile, high-displacement piezoelectric element reflecting TDK's proprietary multilayering and material technologies. With a thickness of just 0.49 mm, the PiezoListen is among the thinnest such devices in the world, far surpassing existing speakers. This enables designers to overcome installation space constraints. Moreover, its flexibility makes it possible to produce sound from many different kinds of objects and materials. The PiezoListen achieves a high sound pressure even at low voltages of 24 Vp-p or below. In an environment where the standard format for video content is rapidly moving to 4K and 8K resolutions and more and more video content is offering multichannel audio as well, TDK is helping customers to design innovative audio applications.