Q.What can NTC thermistors be used for?

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TDK NTC thermistors are widely used as the followings

Field Applications
Automobile Intake-air temperature sensors, exhaust-air temperature sensors, cooling-water temperature sensors, lubricating-oil temperature sensors
Air conditioning Oil fan heaters, solar heating systems, air conditioners
Office automation equipment Copier-facsimiles, computer equipment
Medical instruments Clinical thermometers, intravenous injection temperature regulators, neonatal incubators
Cooking appliances Microwave ovens, steam ovens, electric crock pots, electric ranges, electric ovens
Home medical electronics Electronic clinical thermometers, warm washing toilets, electric curling irons
Household appliances Refrigerators, irons, electric water-heaters, electric tea-pots, electric coffee-makers, washing machines, TVs, video cassette recorders, stereo sets, radios
Information and Telecommunications Cellular phones, chargeable battery pack, personal computers

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