Q.I have registered for email newsletter subscription but am unable to view members-only articles.

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A. myTDK members consist of the two grades of (1) email newsletter member and (2) VIP member, depending on the items that have been registered.
Viewing members-only articles requires registration as a (2) VIP member.
*Email addresses of customers who had subscriptions to the email newsletter before March 12, 2017 are automatically registered as those for myTDK email newsletter members due to the transferring of the system.

If you would like to change membership grades from that of an email newsletter member to that of a VIP member, please follow the procedures below.

1) Click “Change registered information” in the left menu after logging in to myTDK.
2) Those who do not fill in all items in the "Enter customer information" field in the "Change member information" screen are registered as email newsletter members. Those who fill in all items become VIP members.

*Please log out and log in once again to enable the services after changing your membership grade.

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