Q.Please explain the checkpoints for when the output voltages are low.

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A. [Cause (1)] The settings for the output voltage values are too low:
This is when the settings for the output voltage are too low in areas such as the V.ADJ or output voltage external variable function.

[Cause (2)] A current value below the minimum output current:
When a V1 (5V) output current is below the minimum output current with a multi-output power supply, there are cases where regular voltages are not being outputted with other outputs.

[Cause (3)] The proper input voltage is not being applied:
The output voltage may be too low if it is lower than the input voltage.

[Cause (4)] The over current protection function is operating:
Excessive currents flow and the over current protection function operates in cases such as when the load is short.

[Cause (5)] The load is too great:
The load current becomes greater and the over current protection function operates.

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