Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Tech Notes

Product Overview
C Series : High Temperature Application Capacitor

The C Series High Temperature MLCCs are used in various applications with operational temperatures up to 150°C

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TDK'S X8R High Temperature Series features stable temperature characteristics and higher reliability performance up to 150℃. This series is designed to meet the needs of automotive applications and/or applications which require operating conditions beyond 125oC of X7R temperature characteristics.

Temperature characteristics of capacitance for this series is stable (±15%) even at the higher temperature (~150℃). The X8R dielectric shows highly precise performance (capacitance change of ±7.5%) up to 125oC. With precise temperature characteristics, these capacitors are ideal for various high temperature applications .

Features and Benefits

  • Stable temperature characteristics (15%) up to 150oC
  • Highly precise temperature characteristics (±7.5%) up to 125o C
  • Available in 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, and 1210 case sizes
  • Available in TDK's Automotive Grade (CGA) Series
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant


  • Lighting Applications
  • Measurement instruments used at high temperature environments
  • Smart Meter/Smart Grid
  • LCD/LED backlighting display
  • Solar Micro-Inverter
  • Industrial Routers, Switches
  • Oil & Gas Equipment (Up to 150 deg C)