Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Tech Notes

Product Overview
CKG Series : MEGACAP Type

The CKG Series MEGACAP Type capacitors are stacked MLCCs and are utilized for crack mitigation purposes in applications exhibiting high mechanical and temperature stress.

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TDK’s Stacked Capacitors utilizes an alloy 42 lead frame connected to the ends of MLCCs in single or double stacked (piled) configuration. The lead frame absorbs external stresses which allow a more robust performance. Effectively the lead frame allows external stresses beyond the typical allowable range for a traditional MLCC. Stacked capacitors are excellent choices for high board flex applications as well as physically large boards that are highly susceptible to flexure. Other flex solutions are designed to resist short circuit but still cause the capacitor to fail intermittently or completely but the CKG Series has a greater degree of flexure resistance without capacitor failure.

The lead frame also absorbs other stresses such as vibration and temperature.

Compared to electrolytic capacitors, TDK’s stacked capacitor series offers lower ESL, ESR, and improved frequency response with no polarity and higher reliability.

The double stacked capacitor offers twice the capacitance in a single package. This reduces board real estate.

Features and Benefits

  • Absorbs mechanical stress
  • Absorbs thermal stress
  • Absorbs vibration
  • Lower ESR/ESL compared to electrolytic capacitors
  • Improved heat generation by ripple current
  • Can reduce board space and mounting costs in double stacked configuration
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant


  • Smoothing
  • Replacement of electrolytic capacitors
  • Temperature variable applications
  • Piezoelectric effect countermeasure
  • Various Power Supply topologies
  • Telecom Infrastructure