Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Tech Notes

Product Overview
C Series: General (Up to 50V) Capacitor

The C Series general application MLCCs are utilized for basic purposes and are not application specific.

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The C Series general application MLCCs are utilized for purposes such as arc suppression, transient suppression, bypassing, smoothing, decoupling, filtering, blocking, and timing. While basic in nature, current product trends require MLCCs to provide superior characteristics and reliability. TDK has answered this call through its ceramic dielectric thin-layer and multi-layering technologies, supreme quality control measures, and extensive research and development to improve capacitance and dependability to the industry’s highest levels.

Features and Benefits

  • TDK’s proprietary internal electrode structure
  • Wide capacitance range up to 100μF
  • Available voltage rating of 4V to 50V
  • Vast package sizes from 01005 to 2220
  • Superior mechanical strength and reliability
  • Low ESR / ESL characteristic
  • Easy mounting due to no polarity
  • Lead Free
  • Nickel Barrier, Matte Tin Finishing to help protect against solder heat temperatures, provide good solderability, and guard against tin whiskers


  • General electronic equipment
  • Mobile communication equipment
  • Power supply circuit
  • Office automation equipment
  • TV/LED displays
  • Servers/PCs/Notebooks/Tablets
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Hybrid ICs, etc.
  • Decoupling / Smoothing
  • Coupling
  • Charge pump