TDK Product Features

The HomeCap series of PFC capacitors has been designed for installation in LV distribution networks close to the consumer. Based on the MKP technology, the HomeCap series with its diameter of only 40 mm is standardized for installation in metering cabinets with extremely small dimensions, a top case to cover the terminals, and internally insulated, ready for easy connection. With extra thick polypropylene film, HomeCap is available for a rated voltage of 400 V (application voltage 127 V AC to 400 V AC) and features capacitances of 5 µF to 33 µF at 50/60 Hz.


Oct. 16, 2020
Application Guide for Fuel Injection System in motorcycle has been released.
Sep. 25, 2020
Application Guide for True Wireless Stereo has been released.
Sep. 17, 2020
Application Guide for ABS/CBS in motorcycle has been released.
Sep. 16, 2020
Application Guide for Variable Frequency Drives has been released.
Sep. 1, 2020
Application Guide for Mobile Router has been released.