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TDK Product Features

ESD notch filters from TDK combine electrostatic discharge protection and noise suppression. The main component is a varistor material commonly used for ESD protection, making it possible to reliably protect electronic circuits from electrostatic discharge. Proprietary materials design and structure design realize outstanding attenuation for a given frequency, enabling highly effective noise suppression. Low audio distortion (THD+N/total harmonic distortion+noise) is advantageous in audio lines (such as for earphones, microphones, and speakers), and the components are highly effective to counter burst noise (TDMA/TDD) and for measures related to reception sensitivity. Ideal for audio equipment designed for high sound quality.


Jan. 15, 2021
Application Guide for E-Drive of motorcycle has been released.
Nov. 26, 2020
Application Guide for Smart Watch/Activity Tracker has been released.
Oct. 22, 2020
"Sound distortion countermeasures using ESD Notch Filters and Noise Suppression Filters" video has been released.
Oct. 22, 2020
"Burst noise countermeasures with noise suppression filter and notch filter with ESD protection" video has been released.
Oct. 22, 2020
5 new solution introduction videos have been released on the Sound Solutions page.
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