• ESD/surge suppression in a smarter and more compact form.

  • Advantages of replacement to
    a chip varistor and selection points

  • There are various advantages in replacing a TVS diode (Zener diode) with a chip varistor.

TDK Chip Varistor
Selection Guide and Sample Purchase Guide

TDK chip varistors are linked to the global electronic component database “netCOMPONENTS”,
and you can instantly order the products of your choice online.
You can also download information that you require such as
RoHS, SVHC/REACH and other certificates, S parameters, etc.

You can quickly find the product of your choice.

There are 3 approaches that you can use to search for the best chip varistor to meet your requirements.
- Search from the product map - Search based on size, application, and circuit - Search using the characteristic value
These search methods are described in detail below.

Search from the product map

  • MLCCs can be used for relatively low speed signal lines of 1Mbps or below.
    TDK has provided the MLCC CGA3EA series which is specially designed for ESD/surge suppression at 1Mbps or below.
  • In signal lines with higher speeds, chip varistors, chip protectors, TVS diodes, and ESD suppressors can be used.
  • Strength of TDK's chip varistors and chip varistors is that they cover a wide range from approx. 10kbps to 1Gbps.
    We offer a comprehensive range of products from which you can select the most suitable product for a variety of applications.
    TDK offers the following 4 series of ESD protection devices.
Chip varistor
AVRM/AVR-M series

A distinctive characteristic is excellent ESD/surge absorption capacity due to high capacitance.
It covers a wide range from approx. 10kbps to 100Mbps.

Chip varistor
AVRL series

Since the capacitance component of the varistor dampens the signal waveform in high speed signal lines, it must be kept as low as possible. The AVRL series is a low capacitance type which is suitable for high speed signal lines.
Between approx. 50Mbps and 1Gbps, it has higher ESD/surge absorption capacity than ESD suppressors.

Chip varistor
AVRH series

Automotive chip varistors that is EIA0402 (1005 mm) size or less and conforming to AEC-Q200.

Chip protector
SGNE series

It is an advanced product which combines low capacitance with high ESD/surge absorption performance.
Its strength is that its ESD/surge absorption capacity is higher than ESD suppressors as well as the AVRL series.
It can be used to replace TVS diodes, resulting in various advantages such as space saving and cost reduction.

ESD Protection Devices Product Map

Search based on size, application, and circuit

TDK's chip varistors are highly valued not only among ICT devices such as smart phones and tablets, but also in the automobile field which has extremely stringent standards.
You can also search for the chip varistor of your choice based on its size, application, and circuit.

Search using the characteristic value

You can search for the chip varistor of your choice using the characteristic values such as:
・Product shape・Size (L×W)・Max. Operating Voltage (DC/AC)・Capacitance・Maximum surge current・Operating Temperature Range
In addition to the above characteristic values, you can also perform an “Advanced search” by filtering on:
・Product status・Application・Feature

Sample Kit Purchase Guide

TDK has tied up with Digi-key, which is the world's largest online retailer of electronic components, to offer various sample kits.

Part Number Product outline
445-174552-KIT AVR VARISTOR 0201 KIT
445-174553-KIT AVR VARISTOR 0402 KIT
445-174554-KIT AVR VARISTOR COMM/AUTO 0603/0805

There are 4 types of sample kits available for TDK's chip varistors.
Please select according to the size and application.

Samle Kits for Chip Varistors

TDK Chip Varistor Selection Guide and Sample Purchase Guide