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A typical application for switching PTCs is the preheating of electrodes in energy-saving lamps of fluorescent lamps. A full range of standard devices is available and custom-engineered samples can be rapidly created. Switching PTCs can also be used as a power resistor for loading capacitors for example in power supplies or in control units of production equipment. Housed PTCs are recommended in case of a large number of switching cycles.


Nov. 29, 2018
"Products Conforming to European Union RoHS Directive / Product Information Concerning Revised China RoHS" has been updated.
Jul. 4, 2017
PTC Thermistors for Motor Start, PTC Thermistors for Switching Applications, PTC Thermistors as Heating Elements: A new release of the product portals.
Apr. 12, 2017
“Classifications of Medical Devices” and TDK Products’ Coverage of Those Classes has been released.
Mar. 12, 2017
Release of "myTDK", our membership-based service
Apr. 19, 2016
Application Guides|Added Medical equipment
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