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Surpassing Company Boundaries to Create “Something New”The Birth of the “TDK MAKER DOJO” Maker’s Space


The “TDK MAKER DOJO” maker’s space has been opened in the Yawata Technical Center, to serve as a place where new concepts and ideas can be born, and where creativity and the spirit of challenge can be cultivated and nurtured. All TDK employees are welcome to visit this space at any time to engage in their own creative activities.

Summary of Main Details of the “TDK MAKER DOJO”

Date of Opening
February 15, 2016 (Mon.)
Yawata Technical Center, W1 Tower, 2F
Available for Use by
All employees of the TDK Group (employee registration required)
Available Hours
8:00 – 20:00 on specified operating days of TDK
(however, there may be occasions where it is reserved for lecture courses or events, or where it is temporarily unavailable for use due to maintenance or other reasons.)
Operation Management
Human Resources Group

What is the “TDK MAKER DOJO”?

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