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Nov. 2019 | [Application Note] PiezoHapt™ Actuators, PowerHap™ Actuators, MEMS Microphones , Transparent Conductive Film, PiezoListen™ Piezo Speakers

Devices that Enhance the Safety of the Digital Cockpit

The methods of use of automobiles will change substantially in the future including autonomous driving and car sharing services, and the human machine interface (HMI) between drivers and their cars will also completely change. The automobile industry is developing the digital cockpit in pursuit of an HMI that will provide safety and reassurance while freeing drivers from the burdens of driving and allow time to be used meaningfully and in comfort. Below is an introduction to TDK product and technologies that enhance the value of the digital cockpit with the aim of achieving an HMI that ensures and enhance safety and reassurance through the driver's senses.