Technical Support

TDK offers processing samples for consideration before production of metal molds begins.
You can save consideration time and development costs by taking advantage of our processing samples, compared to having metal mold manufactured.

Processing for Special Sizes

Even single items can be ordered!

Customers can order low quantities for product development, special usages, and development studies including orders for single products. Please contact us about low-quantity orders.

Processing for Various Shapes is Possible

Processing in various shapes as seen in our processing shape samples are available.
Although the size of our processing base materials ranges from 5 X 5 X 1 mm to 135 X 65 X 20 mm, we will bond them as necessary to support larger sizes.

  • * We only accommodate specifications that can be manufactured using metal molds. Please contact us for details.

Various Materials are Available

It is possible to select a material from our range of available material groups. Please ask for more details.

Processing is possible prior to core sintering.

Characteristic evaluation very close to the actual molded product is possible because post sintering processing is not needed after the shape is formed.
Dimension tolerance when processing prior to core sintering differs according to the processing dimensions.
Please confirm this when ordering.

Pricing & Delivery

Prices and delivery times are subject to change depending on the material, shape, order quantity, and the operating situations of the facilities.
Please feel free to contact us for estimates or inquiries.

Processing Examples

[ Processing for Special Shapes and Sizes ]

The processing size can be from about 5×5×1mm to 250×150×25mm, and we are able to handle products of various shapes.