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  • Makes your daily life simple.

The activity tracker that keeps a lifelog


Based on automatically collected data, step counts, distance, and calories burned are shown in an easy-to-understand way.
Set your own target step and calorie consumption and track progress easily.


Know your sleep information in detail.
Improve your lifestyle by knowing your sleep rhythms.


Record meal time with an activity tracker by simple operation.
Add detailed information by app.
Useful in improving your meal rhythms.

About App

TDK Activity Tracker App*
Transfer and show by graphs data of steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep hours.

It is required for data transfer.

Visualize your activity

Use app to keep track of your activity.

Improve your lifestyle and increase motivation to exercise by knowing your step counts and sleep hours.

With embedded sensor and the algorithm TDK originally developed, both regular walking and running can be tracked and counted in steps with a high degree of accuracy.

Universally recognized Metabolic Equivalent Task(MET) approach is used to measure intensity and energy expenditure of activities which is calculated by multiples of 1MET, obtained during quiet sitting.

From bedtime to wakeup. Acceleration sensor estimates sleep period based on body movement and stability.

Total calorie consumption is the sum of basal metabolism and exercise calories.

Activity Tracker measures not only your step counts but also calorie consumption by sensing body movement.

Check out calorie consumption on app.

Basal metabolism represents the number of calories your body burns at rest and accounted for approximately 70% of total calories burned.

Record calorie intake of each meal. Average calorie intake for an adult, though depending on gender and age, is around 1800kcal to 2200kal.

Your own activity diary

Everyday activity can be kept in the form of diary. Give it a try to keep your own diary by simple input.
Choose one of various activities on app for your diary.

Set your target

Daily target step and calorie consumption can be set by app and checked by LED on the activity tracker. When a target is achieved, vibration is initiated to keep your motivated and help your stay fit.


Keep a lifelog by simply wearing it.

"Active mode" and "sleep mode" are switched automatically based on body movement.
There is no need to switch over manually so data missing or error can be minimized when storing data.


High efficiency battery enables 2 weeks* continuous operation.
No need to charge frequently.

*Battery life may vary depending on operating conditions.

Easy-to-use tapping

Customize your own setting to keep records of meal time and so on. For example, setup single tap for meal time and double tap for bath time.


Pair the body with replaceable band colors making your TDK Activity Tracker accessory-like.
The band is waterproof and with a design that satisfies a wide range of users.

*Actual colors may vary.

*Only black and light gray colors are available for the moment.


Various colors and blinking patterns indicate progress level, remaining battery level, etc.
Get motivated by checking out the stylish LED light.


Product name Activity Tracker
Model No. S1100AM00
Color 4 colors(Black, Lite gray, Smoked pink, Blue green)
Sensor Acceleration sensor
Compatible OS Android: 4.0 or above
iOS: iOS 7.0 or above
Communication Compatible with Bluetooth 3.0/4.0 (class 2)
Operating temperature range 5?? to 50??
Humidity operating range 20% to 90%(Non-condensing)
Continuous operating hours 14 days * Time may vary depending on operating conditions.
Body size Approx. 16mm x 41mm x 12mm
Wristband size When the longest band part is fixed to buckle: Approx. 195 mm
When the shortest band part is fixed to buckle: Approx. 140 mm
Thickness: Approx. 12 mm, width: approx.19 mm
Built-in battery Li-ion rechargeable battery
Recharged battery voltage 5 V±10%
Ambient temperature during charging 5 ?? to 40??
Charging approach Proprietary USB charging adapter
Water- & dust-proof class IPX5/IPX7 or equivalent
Weight Approx. 27 g (Body only: approx. 7 g)

Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG,Inc., USA.
Android and Google Play are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc.
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.


This product is not a medical instrument.
The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.


Calorie Consumption

Categorize your calorie consumption from activity of walking, running and so on.


Sleep classification

Categorize your sleep from body movement.

The experiment conducted based on everyday life can achieve ±15 minutes accuracy in wakeup time and bedtime.
The results may vary among different individuals.
Statistics variation may also be affected by sleeping in a car, alcohol drinking, or being sick.

Sleep hours are not counted when activity tracker is taken off.
Please keep activity tracker in a horizontal position after taking it off.



JIS waterproof standards class 5/7(IPX5/7)*

*IPX5: The product performance is maintained when the product is exposed to jet streams in all directions in the condition where water is sprayed through a 6.3 mm I.D. nozzle at 12.5 liters/minute for more than 3 minutes at a distance of about 3 meters.

?IPX7:Water does not penetrate inside and the product performance is maintained when the activity tracker is dipped quietly in clean city water at the normal temperature at the depth of 1 meter and left for about 30 minutes.


Attention for Water Resistance

Wipe off water immediately with a dry, soft cloth if the product is exposed to water.

Do not wear the activity tracker when swimming or taking a bath. Do not wear in a sauna. Do not expose the activity tracker body to water from a faucet or dip it in water.

The waterproof specifications are based on the test results of a company entrusted by us. They do not warrant operations under all conditions.



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TDK Activity Tracker App registration required.
TDK Activity Tracker App Terms of Use (Japanese)

Device Compatibility

Android™OS: Android 4.0 or above

iOS: iOS 7.0 or above

* Some devices may not be compatible.



Customer Service

For questions about TDK Activity Tracker App, please contact our customer service.
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