TDK was established in 1935, with the dream and conviction of industrializing ferrite,
which is a magnetic material uniquely developed in Japan,
so as to contribute to the development of society.
We have introduced four great world-class innovations (ferrite materials,
magnetic tapes, laminated components, magnetic heads) and continued to
create products that support the development of society.
We will continue to contribute to the value creation of our customers by offering high-quality products and services,
utilizing our diverse global management resources, as a company that strives to stimulate further innovations.

Development of Optical Fiber Array

Optical components supporting next generation optical communication / optical transmission system

We are developing various advanced optical fiber arrays,
based on the overall technological power that has made TDK special,
as well as the proven ability in our contributions to the FTTH network construction through delivering millions of optical components.

Smart Crystal

µ-PD method grows single crystals that can be freely formed in special shapes

With the cooperation of Tohoku University, TDK has developed a
shape-controlled single crystal product, "Smart Crystal."
Further enhancement of the performances of materials can be expected by
controlling the crystal shapes, in addition to making them into single crystals.

Development of
New Ag-Stacked
Transparent Conductive Film

TDK has developed a new Ag-stacked film, in which a thin Ag alloy film that
functions as a transparent conductive film is formed over a film substrate.
This is a new-type transparent conductive film that contributes to both the
conservation and creation of energy.