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1. Fast. 40seconds oral measurement

The basal body temperature is the temperature measured immediately after awakening and before any physical activity has been taken. (About BBT)
TDK digital clinical thermometer is a thermometer that has compatible with predictive temperature measurement and actual temperature measurement.
Using TDK‘s unique algorithm analysis and operation temperature rise data, can predict the actual temperature in about 40 seconds. Then measuring actual temperature takes about 5 minutes.

2. Easy to transfer data to smartphone

The Basal body temperature(BBT) can be transferred to your smartphone with a single push of a button. Because a week’s worth of data can be stored in a thermometer, you can also transfer them altogether.
The smartphone application can store data and draw BBT chart automatically. It’s a simple record keeping of BBT !
(*) When a battery is removed, the data stored in the thermometer is erased. Please transfer data to smartphone before a battery exchange.

Wake up with smartphone app alarm
and measure basal body temperature

Transfer Temperature
data to smartphone

Record data and draw
chart automatically

3. User friendly applications

Specialized smartphone application software  will help you monitor your basal body temperature on a daily basis, as well as predict your next menstruation period and date of ovulation. You can also use the calendar function to record your symptoms, events, and memos.






4. Compact and smart design

You can keep it clean by storing it in the original compact case when travelling. The idea comes from the concept of women prone to carry it around.

5. Made in Japan

TDK's Digital Clinical Thermometer is made in Japan.
As oral thermometers are delicate, safety is our top priority so antibacterial plastic material from which the thermometer is made is verified before its use.


Product name Digital Clinical Thermometer
Model number HT-201
Supply voltage DC 3V (CR2032 battery X 1pc)
Battery life Approx. 1 year (under the usage condition of
room temperature 23ºC, measurement for
7 minutes 1 time/day, data transfer 1 time/day)
Body temperature display Four-digit with ºc display in increments of 0.01ºc
Measurement precision ± 0.05 oc (35.00 to 38.00 oc)
± 0.10 oc (33.00 to 34.99 oc, 38.01 to 42.00 oc)
(measured in a constant temperature water tank at a normal room temperature of 23 ºc)
Measurement method Predictive-type (compatible with predictive temperature measurement and actual temperature measurement)
Measurement 33.00 to 42.00 ºc
Usage environment temperature and humidity Ambient temperature: + 10 to + 40ºC
Relative humidity: 30 to 85% (without condensation)
Storage environment temperature and humidity Ambient temperature: - 10 to + 50 ºc
Relative humidity: 30 to 90% (without condensation)
Main unit’s weight Approx. 20.0 g (including battery)
Dimensions Approx. 46 (W) × 99.5 (L) × 11 (T) mm
Accessories Temporary CR2032 lithium battery( installed in the product ):1pc
Storage case :1pc
Instruction manual :1pc
Part Names
Thermometer Main Unit

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