DC-DC Converter Design Support Tool

This tool proposes an appropriate inductor(coil) and multilayer ceramic chip capacitor from the driving conditions of the power supply circuit.
1. Input the conditions and click the Search button.
2. Select an inductor from the list of inductors displayed on the L Selection tab.
3. The recommended capacitor is automatically selected and the graph is drawn.

Configuration / Condition

  • Setup
  • Input Voltage Vin V
  • Output Voltage Vout V
  • Output Current Iout A
  • Switching Frequency Fsw kHz
  • Diode rectification Vf V
  • Switching device On Voltage Vsw V
  • ⊿Inductor Ripple γ %
  • Operating Temp. (Max.) °C
  • Type

Inductor Current

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Output Voltage

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