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Parts Selection Tool TDK Meister

About TDK Meister

TDK Meister is an application software for Windows®, that can search TDK electronic components and display graphs for their characteristics. Using TDK Meister, you can easily select TDK electronic components that are optimum for electronic circuit design and EMC counter measure.

The formal name of Windows® is Microsoft® Windows® Operating System.
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Major Functions

Overview and Functions of Parts Selection Tool TDK Meister

How to Use

■How to Use

What’s New

May 2024
 Version 2024.03.R1 has been released.
 The wild cards can be used at “Find Next”.
 Fixed bugs.

March 2024
 Version 2024.03 has been released.

Product List

■Product List
  • Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors
  • Power Line Common Mode Chokes/Filters
  • Inductors (Coils)
  • Noise Suppression Filters
  • Chip Beads
  • Chip Varistors / Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors
  • 3-terminal Filters
  • Multilayer Chip Protectors
  • Signal Line Common Mode Chokes/Filters
  • Pulse Transformers and Modules for LAN


■Installer [290MB]
■How to Install