Übertrager für AC-DC-Wandler

TDK Transformer Design


Automatic transformer design" is performed with the design tool. This tool is developed by using extensive coverage of TDK's know-how.
We suggest a recommended shape from TDK's original shape "ECO Series," which is optimized with TDK's ferrite technology.
We offer a high-quality transformer for stable production. This transformer supports automatic wire-winding.
Automatic calculation immediately recommends transformer specifications based on the condition inputted.

Applicable range of specifications

  • Circuit system: Flyback (PWM & pseudo-resonance)
  • Input voltage: Wide input (AC90V~AC264V)
  • Output power : 5~40W
  • Output voltage:5~50V
  • Output current : 2A total
  • Maximum number of outputs: 2
  • Operating frequency:30~140kHz
  • * In some cases, we cannot suggest a recommended transformer because of the combination of the input/output condition and the frequency.
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