Übertrager für AC-DC-Wandler

TDK Transformer Design


Just by selecting and entering the required design conditions, not only the number of turns is calculated but also the optimum shape and materials are automatically chosen.
Then the transformer specification is created and provided to customer.
Samples of the recommended transformer design can be ordered via the designated distributor.
The transformers provided by this design tool, are based on TDK's original ECO series which is manufactured via an automated winding process enabling high quality and stable production.

Applicable range of specifications

  • Circuit system: Flyback (PWM & pseudo-resonance)
  • Input voltage: Wide input (AC90V~AC264V)
  • Output power : 5~40W
  • Output voltage:5~50V
  • Output current : 2A total
  • Maximum number of outputs: 2
  • Operating frequency:30~140kHz
  • * In some cases, we cannot suggest a recommended transformer because of the combination of the input/output condition and the frequency.
REMINDERS FOR USING THE DESIGN TOOLPlease read this specifications before using this design tool by all means.
  1. (1)Before using this design tool, be sure to check the scope of application of the specifications.
  2. (2)The design results are calculated and may differ from the actual operation.
  3. (3)Even within the scope of the specifications, there may be no recommended shape depending on the combination of conditions.
  4. (4)This design tool is designed in consideration of the insulation distance of general electronic equipment. Confirm the safety standards that are actually applied during mass production.
  5. (5)The content of the Design Tool may be changed without prior notice due to improvement or other reasons.
  6. (6)TDK shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of the Design Tool.
  7. (7)All copyrights to the Design Tools are located at TDK Corporation.
  8. (8)Do not reproduce or reproduce
  9. (9)Products will be ordered from Digi-key.
Route of design/Order
Use the Design Tool only if you agree to the above license.
An attention matter on usePlease read this specifications before using this product by all means.
An attention matter on securityI undertake use with this product, and it is paid attention enough, and please design an attention matter safely.

Attention on a design

  • When you designs a base of an electric circuit, please use size of the hole or pad which we recommend.
  • Magnetic flux to leak out occurs. Please confirm it about influence of magnetic flux beforehand.
    There is fear to cause false movement of machinery.
  • In a design of a base of an electric circuit, Please consider the next contents.
    In an applied safe standard.The trans and distance with other parts
  • Accordingly please do not add vibration and a shock to it.There is fear to lose a function.

Attention on the handling

  • Please do not use it when you let a product drop.
    The product produces possibility to lose a function
  • Please pay attention to the pin which had it pointed keenly. There is danger to injure.
  • Please avoid the next place. The place that receives a drop of water, trash, the dust, foggy influence. The place where direct rays of the sun hits.
    There is fear to cause false movement of machinery.
  • Please prohibit safekeeping and use at the next place. Environment to be accompanied with gas corrosion, salt, acid, alkali.
    There is fear to lose a function.
  • When you carry the product on a base of an electric circuit. Please do not use a metal tool. Because impossible power is added to a product.
    There is fear to lose a function.


  • Please avoid use in designed condition outside. There are destruction of a circuit part and fear of ignition.
  • This product considered a characteristic of a component, and it was made. We select range of humidity as use temperature already. Please avoid use by range more than this. There are the damage and fear of ignition.
  • Please avoid use in the environment next. The environment that trash and the dust stick to a product. There is fear to cause a fire.
  • The products listed on this specification sheet are intended for use in general electronic equipment (AV equipment, telecommunications equipment, home appliances, amusement equipment, computer equipment, personal equipment, office equipment, measurement equipment, industrial robots).
  • The products are not designed or warranted to meet the requirements of the applications listed below, whose performance and/or quality require a more stringent level of safety or reliability, or whose failure, malfunction or trouble could cause serious damage to society, person or property.
  • If you intend to use the products in the applications listed below or if you have special requirements exceeding the range or conditions set forth in this catalog, please contact us.
  1. (1) Aerospace/Aviation equipment
  2. (2) Transportation equipment (cars, electric trains, ships, etc.)
  3. (3) Medical equipment
  4. (4) Power-generation control equipment
  5. (5) Atomic energy-related equipment
  6. (6) Seabed equipmentapplications
  7. (7) Transportation control equipment
  1. (8) Public information-processing equipment
  2. (9) Military equipment
  3. (10) Electric heating apparatus, burning equipment
  4. (11) Disaster prevention/crime prevention equipment
  5. (12) Safety equipment
  6. (13) Other applications that are not considered general-purpose applications

When designing your equipment even for general-purpose applications, you are kindly requested to take into consideration securing protection circuit/device or providing backup circuits in your equipment.

Please be sure to request delivery specifications that provide further details on the features and specifications of the products for proper and safe use.
Please note that the contents may change without any prior notice due to reasons such as upgrading.