Why are advance PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) levels negotiations necessary?
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A. A PPAP negotiation is one of the most important steps of the approval process. The AIAG PPAP manual determines the essential elements but it is the direct negotiation between customer and supplier that confirms how each element is satisfied.

In some cases, the supplier will have an established report such as the control plan, FMEA, or MSA. Often if the supplier has existing formats in place and are acceptable to the final end customer, it is unnecessary to duplicate the report(s) to multiple formats.
"Material performance results" is the one element that does require negotiation between the customer engineer and supplier engineer. The requirements in this element vary widely and are affected by factors such as product line, PPAP purpose, and application.

When negotiating the terms for "Material performance results" it is necessary to come to a clear mutual agreement on the test plan, test methods, test matrix, and acceptance criteria.