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TDK Wearable Sensor Solutions

Various sensors from TDK, whether based on thin-film technology or MEMS technology, are being utilized in wearable devices, which are used widely in the fitness, medical, and sports fields. We are also engaged in commercial manufacture of miniature and high performance sensor modules using our proprietary IC built-in substrate technology “SESUB”, enabling higher levels of integration in smaller footprints than possible with conventional processing technologies. The field of wearable devices requires innovative technologies that provide industry leading performance and the integration of many different component technologies. TDK’s comprehensive technical capabilities and sensor solutions are at the core of the empowering the next generation of wearable solutions, including novel energy harvesting concepts that could eventually be used to implement battery-less wearable devices.


Smart watch
Barometric pressure sensorTemperature sensorMEMS microphoneGyroscopeAccelerometer6-axis inertial sensor
VR glass
Barometric pressure sensorTemperature sensorGyroscopeAccelerometer6-axis inertial sensor

Solution by Application

With a wide variety of sensor and sensor system products, TDK offers the most suitable solutions for the fields of mobile, wearable, automotive, home appliance/healthcare, and industrial equipment and energy.