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Several sensors from TDK such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, audio sensors, and barometric sensors are installed in home appliances, indispensable for everyday life. In the field of health care TDK offers vital sensors, which detect biometric information such as respiration rate and pulse rate, indispensable for a wide variety of healthcare and wellness applications. The sensor data can be sent to, processed and displayed in smartphones through low-power wireless communication, enabling effective around the clock health and wellness monitoring. Such advanced sensors are also key technical components in smart homes and the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT).


Temperature sensorDigital basal thermometer
Barometric pressure sensorTemperature sensorBiosensor Silmee™Accelerometer

Solution by Application

With a wide variety of sensor and sensor system products, TDK offers the most suitable solutions for the fields of mobile, wearable, automotive, home appliance/healthcare, and industrial equipment and energy.