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Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are leading the way in areas such as cloud computing and IoT. They have evolved into more convenient and multifunctional information terminals, enabled by a wide variety of high-performance, low-cost sensors. TDK has a wide lineup of products such as magnetic sensors that apply the thin-film technology that we have cultivated with HDD heads, barometric sensors that use MEMS technology, microphones that provide enhanced voice-quality and advanced 3, 6 and 9-axis motion sensors that can determine the orientation, rotation and placement of any device with great precision. Furthermore, our sensor fusion technology where multiple sensors and software has been combined helps with the creating of high value-added products for you.


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Solution by Application

With a wide variety of sensor and sensor system products, TDK offers the most suitable solutions for the fields of mobile, wearable, automotive, home appliance/healthcare, and industrial equipment and energy.