Introduction of Example Application: eneman Co., Ltd. “eneman” Independent Power Supply System using EZA11K Bidirectional DC-DC Converters”

The “eneman” system from eneman Co., Ltd. is an independent power supply system which does not rely on power transmission and distribution networks of power companies, and uses EZA11K bidirectional DC-DC converters as charging/discharging power supplies for lithium-ion batteries
The overview and system configuration of eneman are indicated below.

Overview of eneman
●Off-grid independent power supply system
Storage battery capacity: 19, 26, 32 kWh
Compatible with demand response
Compatible with VPP (Virtual Power Plants)
Amazingly small space requirements and light weight
<Functions of EZA series bidirectional DC-DC converters>
Charging/discharging power supplies for lithium-ion batteries (19, 26, 32kWh)
Heteronomous control

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