Surpassing Company Boundaries to Create “Something New”The Birth of the “TDK MAKER DOJO” Maker’s Space


Report on the DOJO Cultural Festival 2017

A cultural festival was held last year in December 2017 at the maker’s space, “TDK MAKER DOJO”, where any TDK employee can stop by to practice their creative activities. Sixteen objects including guitars, programs, and even cartoons that they found interesting and learned from through creating were put on display with TDK’s venturous spirit.


DOJO’s slogan is "Make and Share". The first thing to do is to “make”, and the next is to “share” with everyone. All kinds of people regardless of age, department, or occupation who love to create anything that can be touched, gather together to present their knowledge each other so that this could lead to future ideas.

  • Culture Festival
  • Culture Festival