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Inquiry for SPICE netlist

Information requested

With any inquiries, please give us information on the items listed below.

  1. What is the part number of TDK product whose simulation model you need?
    (e.g.: ACM2012H-900-2P, MLG0603P series, etc.)
  2. What kind of application set is the TDK product listed above used in?
    (e.g.: smart phone, PC, automotive, etc.)
  3. What type of circuit is the TDK product listed above used in?
    -impedance matching at analog RF circuit,
    -suppressing noise at high speed digital circuit,
    -smoothing the ripple at DC-DC converter,
    -eliminating noise at power and ground line of PCB, etc.)
  4. What is the circuit simulator in which the simulation model will be used?
    (e.g.: PSpice, HSPICE, ADS, etc.)

Software license agreement

  • (1) This simulation model is being provided solely for informational purposes. Please refer to the specifications of the products in terms of detailed characteristics of such products.
  • (2) In no event shall TDK be liable for any loss or damage arising, directly or indirectly, from the use of any information contained in this simulation model, including, but not limited to loss or damages arising from any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in connection with such information.
  • (3) Any and all copyrights on this simulation model is owned by TDK Corporation. Duplication or redistribution of this simulation model without prior written permission from TDK Corporation is prohibited.
  • (4) This simulation model is subject to any modification or change without any prior notice.
  • (5) The use of this simulation model is governed by the terms of the software license agreement.


The range of supported products may vary between each region, so for inquiries regarding quotes or specifications, please contact the relevant regional home page.

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