Can I connect products with different capacities in a series?
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A. It is possible to connect products with different capacities in a series.
However, please use a load current within the range of the model with the smallest maximum output current.

Example) Operation of a 63V output voltage stack series consisting of (1) 150W-48V output model and (2) 50W-15V output model
(1) 150W-48V output model: Output voltage = 48V, Output current = 3.3A (100%)
(2) 50W-15V output model: Output voltage = 15V, Output current = 3.5A (100%)

The maximum load current of the maximum output current for the (1) 150W-48V output model and the (2) 50W-15V output model is 3.3A and 3.5A respectively, so the upper limit of the load current is 3.3A, which is the smaller of the two models (150W-48V output model).

TDK-Lambda products use SELV (ES1 in 62368-1): It is designed with a special low voltage circuit as a safety feature, and is intended for circuits with a DC of 60V or less. The above usage example of series operation exceeds the safety voltage (peak value 42.4V, DC 60V), so the obtained safety standard is invalid. In this case, there are other important points which must be considered. Please contact TDK Lambda.
If the power supply outputs are connected in series that does not exceed SELV (ES1 in 62368-1), the safety standards for a "single power unit" take effect.