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The NTCRP series is a small and highly precise temperature sensor with a high degree of versatility, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 200℃, and housed in a PPS resin case. While thermocouples are sometimes used as the temperature sensor, the NTCRP series, which utilizes small and inexpensive NTC thermistors, is ideal for temperature control in applications such as automotive drive motors and industrial servo motors. The robust PPS case is a highly reliable product that can be used without issue even in high-temperature oil and vibration-heavy environments.

NTCRP Series Product Video

What is an NTC Thermistor?

An NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor is a semiconductor ceramic that exhibits a logarithmic decrease in resistance with increasing temperature.
It is widely used as a temperature sensor in various fields such as automotive, industrial equipment, home appliances, and medical devices where temperature detection is required.
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NTCRP Series Product Overview

This product is a glass-encapsulated NTC thermistor sealed in a PPS case. The case at the tip of the product has been made as compact as the smallest in the industry by resin injection molding. Depending on the environment/shape of the mounting location, you can choose from two types: rectangular type and cylindrical type. The rectangular type is suitable for mounting on flat surfaces such as square wires for motors and busbars, while the cylindrical type is ideal for wrapping round copper wires into bundles. If you have any questions about the installation method, please feel free to contact us, and our experienced technical staff will propose the optimal mounting solution for you.

Figure 1: NTCRP Series Product Dimensions

Product Specifications

The NTCRP series is a temperature sensor that uses fluorine-based wires and can be used in high-temperature oil.
The wire length can be specified from 150 to 300mm. It is possible to change the strip length of the tip, crimp the terminal, or attach a connector.

Figure 2: Product Specifications
B Constant B0/100 : 3970K±2%
Nominal Resistance R100 : 3.3kΩ±5%
Wire Length 150 to 300mm
Tip processing Wire strip
Thermistor Glass-encapsulated radial lead
Wire Fluorine-based wire
Tip processing Can be used for wire strips, with crimp terminals or connectors
Operating temperature range -40°C to +200°C
Thermal time constant 10s max (in still oil)
Heat dissipation constant 1.9mW/℃ (in still air)

● For other nominal resistance values and B constants, please contact us.
● For other wire length dimensions and tolerances, please contact us.
● For other tip processing, please contact us.

Product Features

1. High precision
The NTCRP series can measure temperatures in a wide range from -40°C to 200°C. By changing the characteristics of the thermistor or fixed resistance, it is possible to finely adjust the desired temperature range with pinpoint accuracy.

Figure 3: Temperature Accuracy by Resistance Tolerance

2. Reliability Testing

1. Dry Heat Test: 200 C for 1,000 hours dwell time
2. Cold Test: -40 C for 1,000 hours dwell time
3. Thermal Shock Test: 1000 cycles from -40 C to 200 C in 30 min
4. Damp Heat cycling : 85 C / 85% relative humitity, dwell time 1,000 hrs

Figure 4 : Product Features

Application Examples

A NTC thermistor that can measure temperatures without lagging behind, even in automotive applications where temperatures rise rapidly from -40°C upto 200 C. The NTCRP series can withstand upper temperatures of 200°C, making it suitable for temperature sensing in automotive applications and industrial motors. It has tight measurement accuracy with minimal influence from the external environment.

Figure 5 : Application Examples
  • Onboard Driving Motors
    It can be used to control the temperature of electric drive motors such as xEV and BEV. The robust and highly thermally conductive PPS resin case adheres to the temperature of the winding coil or busbar, allowing temperature measurement without being affected by vibration or external factors. It boasts of high oil resistance, making it suitable for environments exposed to cooling oil. It boasts high oil resistance and can be used in environments where it is exposed to cooling oil.

  • Industrial servo motors
    It can be used for temperature detection in the arm motors of industrial robots and in other various fields. It can be used without any problems even in environments exposed to dust or cooling oil.

  • Thermal Management
    The NTCRP series is ideal for temperature sensing of automotive batteries, inverters, and other components. This series, with its small and robust PPS resin case, can be used for temperature control in automobiles, which are subject to vibrations and external environmental changes. It can also be used to detect temperatures of sudden heat-generating media from negative temperature environments without any problems.