Capacitor guide of ESD (4): What are some of the industry recognized ESD test specs?
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A. There are a countless number of industry and customer specific ESD test specifications. There are specifications for the component level as well as the module level. Among all these specification, the most common include IEC 61000-4-2, MIL-STD 883 method 3015, JESD22-A114, and AEC-Q200.

These specifications vary in several parameters including the values within the discharge network, ESD voltage level increments, number of ESD pulses (strikes) per test, sequence of polarity, and charge/discharge sequence.

Many of these specifications also have their own ESD level classification system to indicate the degree of ESD sensitivity. The automotive AEC-Q200, for example, shows one of the higher levels with ESD testing up to 25kV.

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