"TDK SMART(SSD Life Monitor)" - the CF/SSD/SD endurance analysis program

TDK SMART(SSD Life Monitor) - the CF/SSD/SD endurance analysis progra

SMART (Self-Monitoring & Analysis Reporting Technology [SMART information]) software performs self-diagnostic functions.
The NAND Flash memory built into compact flash (CF) cards, SSD (solid state drives) and SD cards can only perform a certain number of program (erase) operations due to its limited endurance.
When using built-in CF cards, SSD or SD cards, it is especially important to monitor program (erase) counts, track how much defective blocks have generated as devices near the end of their lifespan, and get quantitative, real-time assessments of CF card, SSD, and SD card endurance in actual systems.

The TDK SMART program provides the following information.

  1. 1) The number of flash memory chips built into the CF/SSD and the total number of blocks
  2. 2) The total number of program (erase) operations performed on the CF/SSD
  3. 3) The program (erase) count in the block with the highest program (erase) count (CF/SSD)
  4. 4) The program (erase) count in the block with the lowest program (erase) count (CF/SSD)
  5. 5) The total program (erase) count for all blocks (in a 10-level histogram) (CF/SSD)
  6. 6) Share of performance as the entire card (SD cards)

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TDK SMART licensing policy

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  2. 2) TDK is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this software.
  3. 3) This software is the copyright of TDK Corporation.
  4. 4) Do not redistribute or reprint this software.

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SeriesFor WindowsXP/Windows7/Windows8/Windows10
CF cards: CFE9D SeriesSMART_GBD(ZIP: 210KB)*
CFastTM: CAE3B Series
CFastTM: CAE1B Series
mSATA: SME3B Series
mSATA: SME1B Series
Half Slim type SSD: SHE1B Series
M.2: SNE1B Series
SD/microSD memory card: MMRD4/MURD4 Series
  • NOTES: Please confirm SMART is ON models
  • *System requirements are as follows: 33KB or more free memory and 855KB or more free hard disk space
  • **System requirements are as follows: 17KB or more free memory and 6KB or more free hard disk space