Measurement tips for high capacitance MLCCs (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) (3): How can I confirm that my measuring voltage is correct?
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A. The easiest method to verify voltage is by measuring the AC voltage (Vrms) across the capacitor while the capacitor is being measured by the instrument (Fig.1).

If the measured voltage is below the lower limit requirement of 0.8 Vrms while the capacitor measurement is being made, low capacitance may be observed. Some capacitance meters such as the HP4284A have Voltage and Current Level Monitors. (Fig.2). When these functions are “ON”, the voltage level across the DUT, or the current through the DUT will be displayed directly on the instrument display, eliminating the need for connecting the voltmeter. It is important to understand that the voltage delivered to the DUT can be very different from the set oscillator voltage level.

Fig. 1: Verification of VAC
Fig. 2: Voltage and Current level monitors on the HP4284A

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