What does short inductance of an impedance analyzer do to the measurement?
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A. Short inductance is the offset value when short compensation is performed. HP provides 4 different sizes of short gold chips to perform the compensation. Each of these short gold chips has some parasitic inductance. Therefore, by entering the actual value for the short chip inductance the meter will compensate for the offset allowing the actual measured of SRF to be more accurate. Since SRF is depended on the nominal capacitance and equivalent series inductance, any parasitic inductance caused by fixture or short chips should be carefully compensated.

The dimensions of a short gold chip almost correspond to the length of the sample capacitor. By using a short chip with an appropriate length, the gap of the fixture can be specified. The short chip inductance value is the same as that of the short chip used for compensation.
The short chip inductance value is calculated based on the dimensions. The length of the short chip is the most critical variable for the calculation of the inductance. Thus, the short chip length needs to be as close as possible to the length of the sample capacitor.

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