New MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) Catalog Numbers (3): How has the label for the new catalog number changed?
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A. Distribution parts will be labeled with the catalog number in the customer part number field, and the item description in the item description field (see Figure 1).
OEM parts will be labeled with the OEM part number and item description (see Figure 2).
TDK's item description is provided on both the distributor label and OEM label.

Figure 1:Typical Distribution reel label with the catalog number depicted in RED and the item description depicted in GREEN.

Figure 2: Global Standard OEM reel label with the customer’s unique part number depicted in BLUE and the item description depicted in GREEN. Note: Some OEMs have custom labels that can contain their logo or other unique information.

A counterfeit component is an electronic component manufactured by a supplier other than as labeled, with the intent to deceive the buyer.
Counterfeit components involve a great risk from unauthenticated parts being incorporated into customers' products. Many suppliers are sensitive about this problem because there are problems with qualities and reliability of counterfeit components. By the time users notice, a large amount of counterfeit components may have been already used.

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