New MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor) Catalog Numbers (4): Which "catalog number" and "item description" should I use as TDK's part number?
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A. TDK reserves the term "part number" as the customer description for a specific component. TDK describes the same component internally with a term called "item description". In the OEM channel, the customer part number is registered against the item description, and typically this customer part number has a customer specification that controls the component's form/fit/function (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Distribution of TDK parts through OEM or direct business orders

In the distribution channel, however, the customer uses TDK's catalog number (see Figure 6). This catalog number is also assigned an item description, but in this case the specification used for form/fit/function is the TDK standard.

Figure 2: Distribution of TDK parts through ordering from a distributor

We recognize our customers will ask for a TDK "part number", and therefore the TDK part number will be the item description in the OEM channel, and the catalog number in the DISTRIBUTION channel.

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