How to measure capacitors/Test a Capacitors (3): What is the difference between Cp and Cs of capacitance?
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A. An impedance analyzer can measure the capacitance in parallel known as Cp or in series known as Cs. The circuit model will be depending on the value of capacitance of the capacitor (see Figure 1).

When C is small and impedance is high, parallel impedance between C and Rp will become significantly higher than Rs. Thus the meter setting for measuring capacitance should be Cp. When C is large and impedance is small, parallel impedance for C and Rp is not as significant. Therefore, Cs should be used for the meter setting to measure capacitance. A good rule of thumb to select the impedance setting is to use Cp for capacitor impedance values greater than 10kΩ and Cs for less than 10Ω.

Figure1: Impedance equivalment circuit

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